Selling off the NHS

Last night the House of Lords (many members of which have vested interests in healthcare companies) voted in support of privatising the NHS, a move which has gone largely unreported by the British press.

Yesterday a cancer sufferer (@chunkymark on Twitter) spent many hours pushing a toy pig along the ground with his nose, on a long journey to hand a petition to David Cameron. The petition challenged the NHS privatisation plan, and the event went largely unreported by the British press.

We are, by now, getting used to the frequent acts of arrogance thrust upon us by David Cameron and his cronies, but I fervently hope this will be the tipping point for the British electorate.

Ordinary, decent people realise the value of the NHS, and understand that it has been starved of funding in order to provide statistics that serve as an excuse for privatisation.

We hold the NHS dear in our hearts and now we are expected to sit back and watch the types of people who have never used it, ransack it for political and financial gain.

But we’re not going to put up with it – are we?


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