Disappointment of the week.

Stephen Twigg – Shadow Secretary of State for Education.

On 12th December 2005, Stephen Twigg was arrested for being ‘drunk and incapable’.

He has, more than likely, sobered up since then, but proof of his capabilities still remains to be found.

The man has a gift of a job.

All he has to do is provide a visible, vocal and consistent presence in order to challenge Michael Gove.

How hard can that be? Nobody likes Gove, save for other Tories who have no clue about the real world, a collection of distinctly partisan ‘journalists’, a few SpAds …. and his wife, who goes in to battle for him whenever he forgets his PE kit.

Oh sure, Stephen Twigg visits the odd school, eats a lot of ceremonial dinners with teachery types and local councillors, and he blogs now and then, but he seems to think that this is all that is required of him.

We KNOW you can do the social side of things, Stephen, your arrest record serves as a reminder to us all.

But you need to be more than a vaguely affable careerist, biding your time in the hope of being summoned to a higher cause after the next election.

There is no higher cause.

You have been tasked with providing a strong and reliable opposition to the destruction and chaos that is being heaped on the English state education system.

You have a vast array of teachers, parents, support staff and onlookers ready to stand behind you.

So man up, Mr Twigg, because to some of us, saving the education system and giving our children a fair start in life is something we fight for on a daily basis …… without the benefit of a salary or an expense account.

Stephen Twigg, educated at Balliol College, Oxford. Must try harder.



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